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TV Producer • Media Coach • Speaker

Jean is an International Award Winning TV Producer. She also has a programme to coach business owners who want to appear on streaming TV. She offers a course that addresses the fundamental knowledge you will need to help you prepare to be on TV.

Jean is also an online-only speaker. Like most speakers, she can speak on a wide variety of topics and would be delighted to tailor something for your needs.

Here are some topics Jean speaks about:

  • Cultivating Influence through Better Relationships

  • The secret to great leadership

  • Intentional communication - let it work for you

  • Manage yourself first so you can lead others

  • Put the 'human' back into the workplace

  • Networking has nothing to do with 'pitching'

  • Find your freedom - love what you do

  • Connection - the art of business through contribution & service

  • People before Profit - doing the business of humanity

  • Sales: a customer's experience

  • Take a World View: You are in relationship with everything

  • Get out of your head and into your heart - make your conversations count

No event is too big or too small - it just needs to accommodate an online-only speaker.

If you'd like to engage Jean as a speaker, please Contact Us and let's have a conversation.

More About Jean

Jean loves working in creative media. She has a podcast, Speaking in a Virtual World, books on Amazon, and she loves to sculpture paint when possible.

We are an award winning plumbing company with over 20 years experience in the business. We provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients.

This little podcast has been well received. It is a wonderful way to discover, from other speakers, what speaking is all about.


You can find Jean's books on Amazon wherever you are. Just search for 'Hamilton-Fford' and they will appear!

Sculpture Painting

Jean started sculpture painting in late 2022 and finds it an enjoyable way to activate her creativity and relax.

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"Jean is an accomplished, giving speaker. Part of my wish list when listening to a conversation or talk is clarity and focus on adding value. Every time I listen to her, these objectives are met. I always rely on Jean to raise the mood of an audience."

Chris Ighadaro | London

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We provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients.

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