Plan Your Inspired Life, Live Your Inspired Plan

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Plan Your Inspired Life, Live Your Inspired Plan is a 3-month planner designed to help you keep track of your life and your dreams. This is not a traditional planner. Not only are there monthly, weekly, and daily calendar pages, there are sections designed to help you track your finances (investments, rewards, gifts, contributions, royalties, services, rents, affiliate income) and to track your online metrics, too. There are journal pages and sections, coloring pages, and additional pages at the back for you to use as you choose. There are different exercises contained in the pages to shift your perspective and evolve your practices. Here’s a more comprehensive list for you:

  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily calendars
  • Pages to track your finances
  • Journal pages and sections
  • Coloring pages
  • Exercises:
    • My Inspired Intention to derive an Outrageous Unrestrained Intention (OUI)
    • Limiting Beliefs into Positive Transformations
    • Power Statements
  • Editorial Tracker
  • Creation Inspiration

There is even a link inside to a guided facilitation of the In-Visioning exercise. Plan Your Inspired Life, Live Your Inspired Plan: ignite your thinking, prompt your creativity, and inspire yourself to action. One size fits all.

N.B. You can find this and other books I’ve written by visiting Amazon online wherever you are. Just type hamilton-fford in the Amazon search bar. Alternatively, ask your¬†local bookseller to order a copy in for you.

This planner comes in four volumes, one for each season of the year. Volume 1 (purple): Spring; 2 (red): Summer, 3 (brown): Fall, 4 (black): Winter, 5 All Four. Choose an option below.



Plan Your Inspired Life, Live Your Inspired Plan

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1-Purple Spring, 2-Red Summer, 3-Brown Autumn, 4-Black Winter, 5-All Four

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