Play. Create. Succeed.

A Signed Copy

Play.Create.Succeed. is a book and a workbook to motivate and inspire you to explore and discover the treasures you can find within YOU.

It guides you easily and comfortably through a variety of exercises to help shift your perspective and create magic. Yes, there is some excavation, some real treasure hunting to soften your edges and filter your core. When you clear the clutter and the debris and open up to your brilliance, light pours out and healing happens… at your own pace, in your own time, with grace.

Read the book, do the work and begin the adventure of a lifetime! When you complete it, you will never be the same again. You will feel clear and complete. You will make peace with yourself.

Let this be a benediction to the Divine BE-ing YOU are! Brilliant, loving, at peace and ready for the next adventure!

N.B. You can find this and other books I’ve written by visiting Amazon online wherever you are. Just type hamilton-fford in the Amazon search bar. Alternatively, ask your¬†local bookseller to order a copy in for you.


Play. Create. Succeed.

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