Six Weeks

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The Six Weeks’ workbooks are designed to augment ‘Map Your Life,’ a program to uncover and discover patterns of thought and belief. When you begin this work, you will find moments of brilliance as you see clearly, sometimes for the first time, those things that no longer serve you. This is where the magic happens! You can then make a choice to shift the thought or belief, evolve your understanding, and mark a new path to ‘Map Your Life.’ There is great joy in this work.

You can use these workbooks on your own. I’ve included a bit of instruction at the beginning of each book to assist you. I hope you find them helpful.

N.B. You can find this and other books I’ve written by visiting Amazon online wherever you are. Just type hamilton-fford in the Amazon search bar. Alternatively, ask your¬†local bookseller to order a copy in for you.



Six Weeks

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Four Questions, Six Senses, Both Workbooks

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