Resistance: Embracing the Sacred Practice of Release

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Practical Woo, Resistance

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We think resistance is a negative thing. In reality, it is a positive invitation to move through the process of release: accept, surrender, trust, allow, and love.

If you remain in resistance, you counter-intuitively encourage whatever you are resisting to remain and you give your power to it. When you practice release, you empower yourself to love yourself and let whatever you are resisting to go its way with love.

The practice of release is a practice in self-love.

Accept whatever you are resisting for what it is. Look at it plainly and objectively. If it is another person, you may find that they are a be-ing in pain or fear. If it is a thing – an organization or institution – (something you cannot control), accept that it is out of your control. Influence and impact where and when you can, perhaps through voting or through withdrawing your support and finding a different organization to meet your needs. When you look through the lens of objectivity, you remove your attachment to it and see it for what it is.

Surrender to whatever pathway presents. Be kind. Be courteous. Be dignified. Be patient. Remember to breathe. When you surrender, you let go of the need to control outcomes. It is the greatest control you have. Surrender.

Trust that you will be given a way forward. It will, most likely, reveal itself in an unexpected manner. Be open to receiving the gifts that reveal themselves to you during this process. Know that you will have everything you need.

Allow your needs to be met. Allow whatever comes, to come. Allow whatever leaves, to go. Allow yourself to decide knowing that, in the next moment, you can make another decision. Freely and generously give yourself the time and space you need.

Love yourself enough to put yourself first. Without you, there is nothing and everyone loses. Love the process. Release your resistance with ease and grace.

There will be many opportunities for this sacred practice. Begin by identifying where in your life resistance lives. You can feel it in your body. Uproot your stubborn stance. Be flexible. Keep an open heart and a beginner’s mind.

May you find, through proactive practice, that this sacred process of releasing resistance brings you peace.

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